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from our dam family to yours
Meet The Kruth Family
Five things you need to know about us right off the bat:

First, our dad, Pablo's, actual name is Paul but no one EVER calls him that. Except Grandma Kathy.

Second, majority of our family (everyone except Hayley who married in) is from Minnesota AKA the Land of Lakes therefore knowing how to "lake" is in our blood.

Third, the two trees featured in our logo are actually real and on our lake property. They're known as "Nick & Hayley's Trees" since it is where their relationship bloomed and Nick asked Hayley to marry him.

Fourth, if you EVER see us out and about, don't be surprised if you end up having a cocktail with us and basically become a part of the fam.

And lastly, the five of us are and forever will be a package deal.

Wear Norris is a collaborative family project operated from Norris Lake, TN bringing your family some of our favorite pieces to wear while at the lake. Combining one-of-a-kind collections along with limited editions and each fam member's signature designs, all of our items are super comfy and cool at the same time.

The family behind the apparel
Meet the dam fam










the best dam fam member


Bettie Walker

This girl loves two things in this world fresh air and fresh pair of flip-flops. She's the face of this company. Customers love her.

Francis Cobb

This girl loves two things in this world fresh air and fresh pair of flip-flops. She's the face of this company. Customers love her.

Pablo "Paul"

Leader of the Laughter, Cocktail Connoisseur, A Stranger to None

To everyone's surprise, Pablo spends most of his days in a suit as the VP of National Sales for a Fortune 500 company in Cincinnati, OH. When he is not dressed up, you will find him in his lake gear sitting on the dock or driving everyone around on the boat.


Queen of Slippers, Tiki-Tea Curator, Manager and Creator of all Cabin Projects

Cate is a Speech Pathologist in the Northern, KY area. She loves a good challenge and never turns down a chance to DIY. In her opinion, there is truly nothing better in this world than sitting on the back deck, overlooking the mountains, and sipping tea with her family right next to her - and everyone wearing slippers.


Red Lipstick Rockstar, "Where's the Prosecco" Pioneer, Head of HR (Hilarious Reinforcement)

To go along with Ashley's rockstar, pioneer personality, she is a music teacher in Scottsburg, IN. When she is not teaching, she is doing cool things like getting a record deal, producing musicals, and taste testing the latest wines & Bourbons in Louisville, KY- no big deal. As Head of "HR," a laugh is sure to follow when Ashley is near.


Llama Loyalist, Keeper of the Good Times, Found Where Anything is Soft

Don't let the llamas fool you, Nick isn't all play, he also works hard as an Environmental Health & Safety Specialist in Charleston, SC. He trades in his steel-toed boots for his wakeboard bindings any chance he gets while also making sure he packed a really good sweatshirt and PJ pants for the trip.


Low Key Workaholic, Wanna-Be Animal Whisperer, Chronic Movie Sleeper

Even when Hayley is "relaxing" in the water she is still scheming and dreaming about future projects for her newly started Branding Business, Moxie Made. Besides work, Hayley has a borderline unhealthy obsession with any animal she's ever met and believes humans don't deserve them. She married into the fam in 2019 and hasn't looked back since!


Baby of the fam, middle name Chicken Nugget, therapy dog in training, Ashley's puppers

Sully is the newest member of the family and has officially surpassed Pablo in being the most outgoing. Besides having the world's sweetest eyes, Sully is training to be a therapy dog where he will go into the classroom with Ashley and be of service to the entire school.


Professional Counter Surfer, Lake Stick Diver, Cheeseburger Swallower, Nick & Hayley's child

Last but surely not least is Stevie aka Stevie Bear, Stevie Nicks, Fluffers. She is a 5-year-old Goldendoodle who dreams about swimming in the lake and chasing squirrels all day long. She, like Pablo, has never met a stranger. She, unlike Sully, is not a therapy dog but believes she is all we ever need.

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Born in the Outer Sunset, San Franpsycho originally began as a surfing film documenting the local Ocean Beach surf scene in 2001. After the film, fans identified with the name and demanded we make clothing. So we learned the art of screen-printing, creating various garments in a dark basement by night, and selling out of of an orange and black zebra-striped van named Big Chaos by day.

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